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3 Sublime Villas to Inspire Your Summer Travels

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Can we go to there?

With Memorial Weekend fast approaching—and with it the unofficial start of summer—we've got vacation on our minds. Here are three sublime, wanderlust-provoking abodes-with-pools in Spain, Greece, and Mexico that we'd love to jet to posthaste.

Alfonso Quñones of BAAQ' designed this cubic beach house, Casa Cal, located near Puerto Escondido Oaxaca, Mexico's surf mecca. The property sits behind a row of houses, but that didn't stop the architect from maximizing views of the ocean or the breeze coming off of the water. Instead, he put the bedrooms on the ground floor, used the second floor for entertaining (where a pool made from an independent concrete cube sits), and incorporated handmade latticework and louvered walls to enhance air circulation. The high-pitched traditional palapa roof sets up an ample and attractive space for socializing directly underneath it while also providing additional shade to the rooms below. Consider it our dream vacation home.

José Luis Muñoz had to redesign la Casa de Los Vientos, located in the port town of Cádiz, Spain, after scrapping the initial, grander plans due to budget restrictions. The resulting two-story house is minimal and geometric, with an emphasis on making the most of its outdoor spaces. A massive terrace holds a pool and plenty of surface area for lounging and other activities. The roof also doubles as a spot for relaxation. The structure's clay and concrete walls provide natural insulation, while the shape of the house takes into consideration the region's shifting winds, making this modern house the perfect all-season getaway.

The third house takes us to Kamari on the Greek island of Paros, where Natasha Deliyianni and Yiorgos Spiridonos of React Architects have designed a modern residence made of smaller volumes arranged in a line that nestles into a mountainside plateau. The white cubes vary in size to accommodate variations in the terrain while ensuring that the entire structure never gets too large. A pool sits at one end of the minimal home on a large patio space that opens directly onto the landscape. We can imagine ourselves never wanting to leave.