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What on Earth Is This Car-Swallowing Elevated Bus?

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It's so crazy it might just work. Or not

This concept for an elevated bus that debuted at the China Beijing International High-Tech Expo does have some points in its favor. For instance, it would cost only 20 percent of what a subway costs to develop, and could be done in a much shorter amount of time. Also, it could pass over cars without disturbing traffic. Also, it might be insane.

The Transit Elevated Bus is apparently actually going to be developed, so if any of the myriad ways we can imagine this going wrong do happen, we may get the chance to find out about it. Until then we will imagine the TEB how it wants to be imagined: as a big hollow caterpillar-looking-thing that harmlessly swallows and excretes rows of cars.

The future of public transit? China unveils model for its elevated bus that rides above the traffic [shanghaiist]