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Sleek, Simple Osaka Home Features Perforated Screens and Clean Lines

Solitude with spots of sun

Yoshiaki Yamashita is at it again. The minimalist Japanese architect who designed a garage-glorifying modern home and the residential equivalent of a daring backless dress has whipped up yet another creatively clean-lined abode.

The Light Grain House in Osaka, Japan is a home all about privacy. A series of perforated metal screens enclose the building in a protective facade that also casts a "light grain" pattern of sunlight across its spaces.

The ground floor contains a parking areas and a courtyard, with the main living rooms and two terraces perched above the street on the second level. Bedrooms occupy the third floor, with a sunny roof deck above.

The home's simple design and protective structure help to make it an oasis shielded from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Its thoroughly modern style also incorporates nods to traditional Japanese architecture, such as this slightly raised room floored with tatami mats.

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