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Explore London’s Art Deco Architecture with New Map of City’s Best Buildings

Gad about town and discover dozens of the city's most stylish, streamlined structures with this handy guide

Amid the quirky towers and classic architecture spread across London, glitzy examples from the Art Deco age abound—if you know where to find them.

Thankfully, Art Deco fans in the U.K. capital now have a handy guide to find the best examples of bold geometric forms and streamlined styles decorating the city's streets. The Art Deco London Map by Blue Crow Media details 70 of the city's top Art Deco buildings, including Eltham Palace, Broadcasting House, and several of Charles Holden's finest Underground stations.

The map includes the location and details of each of these architectural gems, noting the year of construction, architect, and listing status.

The style was a popular one from roughly 1925 to the end of World War II, reflecting the glamor and technological ambitions of a new industrial age. "This made it a popular choice for London’s tube stations, cinemas, theaters, factories and corporate headquarters," notes Henrietta Billings, former director of the Twentieth Century Society, an organization that promotes 20th century architecture.

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