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Tokyo Apartment Uses Plywood to Increase Space and Storage

Would this work in your home?

City living comes with many inconveniences, including the lack of living and storage space. We've talked about ways to take clutter and put it into vertical storage solutions that also double as decor. Japanese firm Domino Architects have found another way to maximize space and storage in a Tokyo apartment by creating partitions made out of plywood that also act as additional closets.

For the J House project, Domino responded to the needs of a growing family by knocking down existing walls in the kitchen, dining, and living areas, as well as between two bedrooms. By installing wood paneling throughout the apartment, the architects were able to create corners and niches, increase storage, and open up some of the spaces. In addition to plywood, Domino used concrete bricks, plastic and other painted materials to differentiate the rooms. As you can see in the new floor plan, even the bathrooms get the plywood treatment, making this renovation more than just about installing shelves.

Take a look below to see if plywood might be a feasible solution for your home.