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Renovation Transforms Paris Attic into Efficient, Modern Studio

What $37,000 can buy

In Paris, the land of marvelous tiny apartments, a recent attic renovation shows how a few simple ideas can dramatically reshape a cramped space for efficient, small living. Armed with a budget of €33,000 (about $36,770), French practice Batiik Studio first rearranged the layout of the 160-square-foot apartment, moving a teensy kitchenette—now a well-lit workspace—to take up the wider, platformed end of the room.

Next came the transforming elements requisite of clever tiny pads. As it turns out, the platformed kitchen hides a slide-out bed underneath, which can also serve as a sofa if pulled out halfway. When it's totally pushed back in, the open area can easily become a dining area with a few more bar seats around the expandable kitchen counter. Storage has been built into the wall under the windows and additional full-height cabinetry now wraps around the wall by the entrance. Nothing too fancy, but if you just look at a few before photos below, this modern revamp has made a world of difference.