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This Modular Sofa Can Be Stacked and Rearranged to Fit Your Tiny Apartment

Just stack and go

We're all for maximizing small living spaces, and that often means finding the right furniture. We've considered expandable and contractible furniture, a well as not-Ikea flatpack pieces that require no tools for assembly.

But sometimes all we want to do is to plop onto a super comfy sofa, not a wooden bench. And now we can, thanks to Hungarian furniture company Hannabi and its "Urban Nomad" modular sofa.

Urban Nomad is a four-piece system comprising two long rectangular cushions and two triangular supports. The rectangular pieces can be arranged into a full-height sofa by placing them on top of one another, or two low seating "mats" when used separately. The triangular backrests can be placed anywhere along the cushion, making the seat into a daybed or a lounge chair.

Because Hannabi designed the sofa with portability in mind, the pieces are lightweight yet rugged to withstand constant reconfiguring. Rubber surfacing on the bottom of each unit ensures that the sections stay in place when stacked. Accessories—including trays and tables—are also available.

Hannabi, which bills itself as "The Sofa Tailor," is committed to offering products to suit individual consumer's needs. The Urban Nomad collection can be ordered according to your size and upholstery specifications.