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Could Virtual Reality Change the Way Architects Design?

One London company thinks so

We've written about applications for virtual reality technology in real estate sales and in the development of the kitchen of the future (we're looking at you, Ikea), but what of the implications for VR technology in the world of building design?

Enter (cheekily named) VRtisan, a London-based software company that specializes in "immersive 3D architectural visualization." According to a write-up on Dezeen, the systems VRtisan employs combines handheld motion sensors (by a software developer for VR games, Unreal Engine) and virtual reality headsets (the HTC Vive, to be precise) to bring designers' schemes to life. The idea is to provide a sense of how spaces can be best arranged and, later in the process, fixtures and furniture.

Check out a video demonstration below and read the full interview with VRtisan engineer Ekke Pirrisild over at Dezeen.