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Knockout Midcentury House in Connecticut Asks $1.8M

Glass walls galore

Location: Wilton, Connecticut

Price: $1,780,000

Located in Wilton, CT—a town over from New Canaan, the capital of midcentury modernism in the northeast—this 1966 gem was designed by architect Robert Graf, who worked for the firm of Harvard Five member Eliot Noyes. This home, built around the same time Graf collaborated Noyes on the iconic midcentury Mobil service stations, was Graf's own.

The most show-stopping feature of the 4,000-square-foot residence must be its dramatic walls of glass on both floors, which overlook a gunite pool and acres of manicured woodlands. Constructed of steel, glass, and granite from a local quarry, the four-bedroom house has more recently been restored and renovated with contemporary touches like granite counters and a marble bath. But it's the original features that shine, namely the impressive living room and family room walls made of the same granite stones used on the exterior, meticulously joined with a nearly seamless look.

The listing agents have also created a fun video tour of the place: