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Hodor Door Stopper Is More Tragic Than You Would Think a Door Stopper Could Be

Hodor, indeed

If you don't want to have the most recent episode of Game of Thrones spoiled, then you should certainly stop reading this post right now, and probably stay off the internet indefinitely (although if you took our advice about stopping reading this post right now, we guess you missed the thing about staying off the internet, and also, if you're bright you probably put the spoiler together just from the headline). Anyway, Hodor is dead. (What is dead may never die.)

Few GoT deaths have been so heartbreaking, and few have inspired such an obvious homeware item: a Hodor "Hold the Door" door stopper. There are several examples, both theoretical and real, floating around the internet, but this one from Kickstarter (already raised ten times its $500 goal) is probably the classiest example. And you never thought that looking at a door stopper could make you cry.

Hodor door stoppers are surely the world's saddest homeware item [Mashable]