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Construction Workers Discover 1800s Shipwreck Buried in Boston

Is there treasure aboard? We're not going to rule it out

Giving credence to our theory that you should just go around digging random holes because you never know what cool stuff you might find, a construction company recently uncovered a shipwreck from the 1800s in Boston's Seaport District completely by accident. The city archaeologist called the at-least-50-foot wooden sloop the "largest and most significant" shipwreck discovery in Boston "by far." The ship may have run aground during a storm, which probably would have given the crew time to unload most of the valuables. (But perhaps not all? That's what we have decided to take away form this.) Archaeologists are hoping to bring in 3D imaging equipment.

Shipwreck From 1800s Found Buried Under New Building Site In Seaport District [CBS Boston]