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All-Grey Interiors: How Much Is Too Much?

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It may be time to greyscale back

White isn't the only neutral taking over homes these days. Perhaps even greater an offender? Everything grey.

Get this: Pinterest, the ever-expanding repository of all our dreams and aspirations in digital mood board form, analyzed the dominant color in billions of pins in its database and deemed grey the hottest color for 2016, as far as all things home are concerned. As MyDomaine reports, grey saw a 20 percent increase in interior pins over the last year and is now "the most common color in the home decor category".

This Google Trends graph also confirms: the subdued shade has been on the rise for some time now. And we don't know if we can handle it anymore.

Grey can be a safe choice for a polished, classy look. But when almost everything in the room—from the walls to the cabinetry to the furniture—is grey, we can't help but think of the one dictionary definition that says: "dull and nondescript; without interest or character."

Just a few examples sourced from across the Curbediverse:

All this to say: It's time to take it easy with the grey. Before it becomes the new rental beige. Before we're forced to make any more "50 Shades of Grey" jokes. Before the color gets more shade from Curbed commenters, one of whom called the look "Prison chic."

Another too-real comment from a Curbed reader:

[Greys] seems to be the colors flippers use to make their house look trendy these days. Every time I see a house painted grey with grey walls and grey kitchen cabinets (and white subway tile) I assume the house is a fresh flip and I’m usually correct.


What do you think?