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This Boxy, Minimalist Home Was Built for a Japanese Art-Lover

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A collector's ideal space offers night (and day) at the museum

Have you ever wanted to live in an art gallery? The House for Contemporary Art designed by Japanese architects Ryumei Fujiki + Yukiko Sato was designed to fulfill that wish.

The minimalist abode was created for a collector who wanted a house that was "like an art museum." The home's series of pavilion-like spaces guide visitors along an intuitive route past the owner's extensive collection. The boxy rooms also vary in size to better frame artwork of varied proportions. The living room's ceiling height was adjusted to create the best resting spot for a particular painting measuring roughly five feet by three feet.

A pair of interior courtyards offer visual breaks while providing sunlight and outdoor space in a home largely free of street-facing windows. The two garden areas were also designed to facilitate natural ventilation. Located on opposite sides of the house, each garden maintains a different temperature.

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