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Dreamy Modern Cabin Has a Green Roof and Tree Inside

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A picture-perfect 524 square feet

With this green-roofed, tree-hugging woodland house, Ecuadorian architects Luis Velasco Roldan and Ángel Hevia Antuña demonstrate how to incorporate traditional building techniques in a modern design—and all in 524 square feet. A key component of this process was using employing local materials: Ecuador laurel was used for exterior cladding while cost-efficient eucalyptus went into the framing. Local pumice stone was also used for insulation and can maintain interior temperatures at a comfortable 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

The space, which employs passive solar heating, privileges views out to the peaceful natural surroundings. Beyond full-height glass doors that open up to the outdoors, there is also built-in seating along large windows, plus an airy sleeping area with a glazed reading nook above. Take a closer look.