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Compact Tokyo Apartment Gets Total Overhaul for Family of Four

The family wanted to maximum the time they spent together

With the rise of tiny homes and the ever-shrinking city apartment, urban dwellers are getting more and more creative about maximizing the space they already have. For one Tokyo family living in a compact flat, sharing their home as a true communal space—instead of relegating themselves to private rooms—was their highest priority.

In order to realize their dream, they hired Japanese architect Masatoshi Hirai, who completely transformed their apartment's layout. The project, called Team Living Space, called for reconfiguring the home so that the couple and their two young children could spend more time together in the home.

This involved adding a triple barrel-vaulted ceiling to create the illusion of openness and separating the apartment into three distinct, themed sections, each on a different plane: a single bedroom and bathroom area shared among the four, a study and closet, and a kitchen, dining, and lounge area connected to a terrace. Each area flows into the next to promote free movement about the space—and unlimited family time.

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