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5 Awesome Installations and Pavilions from Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Design in the streets

Yesterday, the 7th annual Clerkenwell Design Week wrapped up in the London neighborhood the festivities are named after, which also has perhaps the highest concentration of creative businesses and architects in the world. The three-day event covers plenty of product releases, talks, workshops, and more. But the sure-fire head turners are always the specially commissioned installations that spill out onto the streets during Design Week each year.

Below, a look at some of the coolest public space takeovers seen at Clerkenwell this week.

Billboards by Giles Miller is a series of wayfinding installations featuring square glass tiles that form a "swoosh," subtly pointing visitors towards the next destination.

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Lollylagger Living, a collaboration between Surface Matter and Loll Designs, sets up lounge areas with bright outdoor furniture made from recycled milk jugs.

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The Museum of Making by White Arkitekter deconstructs the familiar gabled barn into a breezy, colorful social space for showcasing exhibits about makers and hosting craft workshops.

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HakFolly by FleaFollyArchitects, in collaboration with Hakwood, is a nearly 15-foot high stacked timber temple that nods to the monastic past of the site, the historic St. John's Gate.

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Future of Design is a warping wood pavilion developed by students of a workshop run by Scale Rule, a local collective of architects and engineers.

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