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Craftsman-Style Oakland Home Gets Extreme Makeover, Asks $799K

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This is serious house-flipping

A craftsman reborn.
Photo by Open Homes Photography

Location: Oakland, California

Price: $799,000


As San Francisco real estate prices continue to go through the roof, the nearby city of Oakland is turning into a red-hot market of its own, with bidding warms becoming a norm. Not so surprisingly, there's some serious house-flipping action going on. Here's a rather impressive project in the Bella Vista neighborhood of Oakland. Local interior designer Brett Foken and her husband, a real estate investor, just finished a months-long renovation rejuvenating a craftsman-style home that was dilapidated from the inside out.

The overhaul involved reorganizing layouts, adding new stairs, finishing the second floor into a master suite, and well, practically overhauling every single room plus the front and back yards. Foken completed the interior decor for the four-bedroom, 2,209-square-foot home herself, incorporating trendy design features like subway tiles, a marble backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and industrial-style light fixtures. So how much did this all cost? For starters, the property was last sold in October 2015 for $410,000, and now it's on the market for $799,000. That should give you some idea.