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Hip Boston Home Marries 1890s Facade and Industrial Flair

Something old something new

This newly completed house in Boston's South End neighborhood looks like two separate homes due to the distinct side-by-side facades, but it's actually one breezy residence combining the old and new. When U.S. studio SAS Designbuild got its hands on the project, the only thing left on site was the wood facade of a home built in 1899. Rather than demolishing those remains and starting from scratch, the designers opted to preserve the facade and give it a "contemporary neighbor."

The modern half is enclosed in glass walls covered by mahogany louvres, which offers some privacy from the adjacent pocket park. Inside, the 4,200-square-foot features an open-plan layout with exposed black steel columns and beams, and a soaring wood-and-steel staircase. According to Dezeen, the clients wanted to keep the interior "raw and austere, meaning no varnish or paint was applied to wooden walls, floors, and ceilings." See the full gallery here.