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Victorian School Becomes Ultimate London Loft in Charming Renovation

It also looks like a good place for the ultimate game of hide-and-seek


U.K.-based firm Knox Bhavan Architects has created a lovely family home by combining two flats located in a Grade II-listed Victorian school in London. Dubbed The Lycée, this double-height apartment hearkens back to the structure's original purpose as a place of learning and discovery by featuring expansive, movable spaces ideal for work, study, play, and entertaining. And, of course, for the ultimate game of hide-and-seek.

The ground floor is divided by double-height doors that are hidden to maximize the vertical potential of the space and promote seamless movement throughout.


Above it is the mezzanine, situated at the center of the flat, which opens up to the kitchen and dining room below on one side, and to the broad living area on the other. Accordion-like concertina shutters provide a way to close off the mezzanine and transform it into an extra bedroom. The main bedrooms and bathrooms are on two levels at the back of the house.

Knox Bhavan also hoped to utilize a variety of materials throughout the home to accent particular rooms and separate others. Raw and natural materials cover the ground floor, while the first and mezzanine floors feature white joinery, bright green carpets, and walnut stairs. Oak paneling and mirrored walls also define portions of the home. Taken together, these facets work to make the impressive space feel both cozy and unexpected.