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New Tiny House Village Under Construction in Oregon

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A small step toward smaller communities

Oregon appears to be developing into a mini-epicenter for the tiny home movement. Not only did the state just get a village of wee rentable abodes at the base of Mount Hood, but another company has announced plans for a permanent tiny house development just a couple of hours to the south in Monroe, Oregon.

Named Brick Mill Meadows, the planned hamlet of teensy dwellings is being designed and developed by the Tiny Smart House company, which has had its homes featured on HGTV's Tiny House Hunters.

The proposal is still in the initial planning stages, so details are scant. However, the idea was met with a positive response from Monroe's city manager, Jim Minard.

"The next step is moving forward with the planning and zoning process while doing market research to see how many people would be interested in moving to a master planned tiny house community in the central Willamette Valley," said a representative of Tiny Smart House.

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