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New Closet System Inspired by the Airplane Service Cart

Like a souped-up valet stand

It seems that design is finally catching up to the demands of urban dwellers and their nomadic lifestyles. Here's another clever all-in-one piece that combines storage, portability, and even a bit of jet-setting style.

While the days of glamorous, Mad Men-era air travel are long gone, the food and drink trolley cart remains iconic not only for its efficient use of space, but also its simplicity of design. It's these qualities and the service cart's multi-functionality that inspired designer Christiaan Bakker and Studio Knol to create a closet system in collaboration with Dutch airlines KLM.

The Trolleys Closet is a cubic wooden structure (made from poplar and oak) with compartments, drawers, and other pull-outs of varying heights that are arranged to maximize storage. It features stainless steel buckles and handles, and caster wheels inspired by the airplane cart. The system holds clothes that can be folded and placed inside the closet or hung from hangers on a small rack, as well as kitchen appliances and just about anything else you need in your home. If you can manage it, you might just be able to fit your entire life into a box.