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Pastel Pink Champagne Bar Will Have You Begging for Rosé

It is also highly Instagrammable

Readers were split over all-grey and all-white interiors, but what say you to an all-pink (or mostly-pink) one? Before you make a decision one way or another, take a look at this pretty-in-pink Champagne bar.

The architects Zuieva Katya and Olga Malyshenko of Ukrainian firm AKZ Architectura were hired to design a bar based on the effervescent libations it would be serving—to create a "lightness and a sense of celebration," they shared with Dezeen. So, they gave Naïve, a sparkling wine bar in Kiev, a retro 1970s feel by imbuing the space with a lovely blush finish and decorating it with a handsome collection of Art Deco-style furniture.

Softness pervades the main space that is both luxe and welcoming, with pastel-pink tones appearing not only on the painted walls but also on the plush stools and chairs accented with brass and chrome hardware. A gold upholstered bench runs along one of the walls, while black Dalmatian-like spots pepper a portion of a mirrored column. In the bathroom, however, it's boldness that dominates: full-length arched mirrors, stripes of black and white tiles, and swirling marble patterns create a welcome contrast.