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Revamp Transforms Apartment Into Airy Loft With a Cool Sunken Kitchen

An ingenious way to increase usable square footage


While we're certified, card-carrying members of the Sunken Living Room Fan Club, this newly renovated apartment in Amsterdam, features a kitchen given the how-low-can-you-go treatment. It's an ingenious way to capitalize on limited square footage in a multi-story apartment with high ceilings but a bit less in the way of usable floor space.


Masterminded by Tokyo-based firm MAMM Design, the multi-level apartment accommodates a family of four. MAMM worked with their clients to devise a floorplan that used the unit's gorgeous bones to maximum effect, let natural light permeate as many areas of their home as possible, and provided space for the kids to play.

In a novel move, all of the apartment's plumbing occupies a central "tower," and this tower houses the sleek sunken kitchen, bathroom (below), and playroom (above). Take a look.

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