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Minimalist 'Red Barn' a Sleek Take on Country Classic

Seeing red, architect Roger Ferris creates a simple, striking home on Long Island Sound.

Many minimalist architects are in love with ideal forms, constantly working to distill the essence of a space or object down to its most pure articulation. With this visually striking Connecticut studio, architect Roger Ferris proves no exception.

Though Ferris would vehemently deny having any signature style, the bright red house shares a number of qualities with his other residential projects, including the veneration of clean geometric forms, a monochromatic facade, and the use of horizontally-slatted screen.

Containing an artist studio and wood shop on the ground floor with a bedroom, bathroom, living room and dining room above, this building is clad entirely in a slatted composite rain screen that extends the to roof. The front of the structure boasts an entire wall of windows—still screened by those red slats—framing views of Long Island Sound.

The simply shaped modern building stands in stark contrast to the other, more traditional structures on the estate. But because it was inspired by the shape and color of the classic New England barn, it still manages to feel of-a-piece with the other buildings.

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