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Smart Plug Can Reset the Wi-Fi Router For You, And It's About Time

A gadget that takes over one of the most annoying household tasks

With all the new smart home gadgets available these days to do things that we never really wanted a robot to do in the first place, like confusingly collect all our data and/or spy on us, it's about time something came along that alleviates one of the genuine burdens of modern life: resetting the internet router when it goes out. It may sound like we're being sarcastic, but there is something that is legitimately so annoying about trudging out of your bedroom when the internet goes out, hunching down to wherever your router is hidden, and then doing the same thing five minutes later when it still isn't working. And there's no reason to, because routers are perfectly capable of resetting themselves with the help of this smart plug from MutiNet that, when "it detects an outage in your internet service ... power cycles your Wi-Fi router or broadband modem every five minutes until the internet starts working again." Smart home tech may be making us lazier, but this is one we'll gladly acquiesce to.

ResetPlug for Wi-Fi routers tries turning it off and on again [The Verge, via Gizmodo]