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'The Octaloofah' Might Be Weird, But It Also Might Change Showering Forever

It's four loofahs, a massager, and a speaker all in one

From a practical standpoint, having a loofah that attaches to the wall of the shower so that you don't have to be able to reach every spot on your own back is a simple, solid idea. So maybe this Kickstarter product, The Octaloofah, which is currently very far from reaching its $25,000 goal, could have just done with a little editing. In addition to the (four-pronged) loofah, it is also a massager, a soap/razor holder, and a Bluetooth-connected speaker. But then again, what out of those things would you have the Octaloofah give up?

The Octaloofah- Changing the way we shower forever [Kickstarter]