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Photographer Catalogues the Perplexing Architecture of America's Megachurches

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Why are megachurches so bland?

Los Angeles-based photographer and artist began to drive around the United States taking pictures of megachurches out of a sense of curiosity about America's enormous evangelical Christian demographic, but she soon found that the architecture of these buildings, varied but all strangely of similar, turned out to be pretty interesting in its own right.

"Notre Dame is a cathedral in the center of the city," says Auerbach. "Whereas these churches, although they’re very powerful, are hidden. The reason they’re hidden, I found, is that they’re camouflaged. They look like places we just drive by. They’re in office parks; they’re in former big box stores. I thought that was fascinating: I don’t even know what to look for. That was the impetus to say: what is this thing?"

Megachurches: photographing America's drab new cathedrals [The Guardian, via Archinect]