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Indoor Gardeners, Elevate Your Favorite Plants with These Stylish Stands

Such great heights

"Mistress Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?" goes the traditional English rhyme, with its questionable provenance and cryptic meaning. But what if it were written for the millennial or apartment gardener? What new contraptions, receptacles, and technologies would figure?

We've already covered Ikea's new indoor gardening kit, tips for growing your best urban garden, and a funny little thing called Foop, but if watching plants grow as opposed to planting them is more your speed, we've got your back.

Some house plants stand on their own—like the ubiquitous and hardy fiddle leaf fig tree—but others are more modest and could use a leg up presentation-wise. Presented herewith are a few of the most stylish pedestals to elevate cockle shells and silver bells —or any manner of greenery in your home—to new heights.

Modernica in Los Angeles makes the handsome "Case Study" plant stand, which would give any tree a royal boost. Or try the ceramic bowls arranged atop a metal tri-stand.

For something a bit bolder and more midcentury, try these "Turned Leg" standing planters from West Elm.

Los Angeles-based designer Eric Trine creates quirky metallic stands in a variety of geometric shapes and sizes that can be mixed and matched to add a playful tableau of color to any room. Our favorites are the single and double Octahedron Pedestal, the copper and brass ring planters, and the mini ring planter.

Back on the East Coast, Brooklyn-born sculptor Rodger Stevens collaborated with West Elm to create an airy glass-and-steel terrarium and wooden air plant holders.