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'Airbnb of Location Scouting' Wants to Pay You to Host Film Shoots in Your Home

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Wrapal, a new sharing economy service, offers lights, camera, action, all in your own home

A new startup wants to connect filmmakers with the perfect location for their next project: your place. A new service Wrapal, which launches this Friday in Los Angeles, lets anyone list their property as a potential location shoot.

A new offshoot of the sharing economy, Wrapal is the brainchild of L.A. filmmaker Brian L. Tan (who goes by the nickname "BLT"). Sick of endlessly searching for venues when scouting for his most recent project, BLT suddenly had a light bulb moment: "Think Airbnb or Uber for film."

"As filmmakers, one of the toughest challenges we face is finding locations," Tan explained. "The process is time-consuming and tedious... We love making movies, and want to change the way they're made."

Wrapal's messaging stresses the idea that almost anywhere could be the perfect place to shoot a film -- big or small, grand or humble. While other such services have been used by filmmakers, Wrapal seeks to be more user-friendly and useful, giving property owners full control over their listings, including setting prices, availability, and scheduling.

Wrapal makes money from advertising, so other than a 4 percent credit card fee, owners get to keep all the money, too. The site officially launches tomorrow with roughly 750 locations.

How much would you charge to let a camera crew take over your home?

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