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UC Riverside's Student Recreation Center Expansion Champions Wellness

Be your best self

Coeds at the University of California Riverside are enjoying a revamped student recreation center after an impressive expansion that prioritizes health and wellness. Global architecture firm Cannon Design Architects helmed the project, which includes the renovation of an existing 9,000-square-foot building and the addition of SRC South, a two-story, 80,000-square-feet structure.


The defining feature of SRC South, which is LEED-Gold certified, is the undulating perforated metal scrim on its facade, which provides shade and also frames views of the surrounding Box Spring Mountains and the rest of the campus.

The expansion preserves an existing thoroughfare and connects the two buildings with a cantilevered sky bridge that extends across a breezeway.

The social and academic hub was built to address the needs of a growing campus that favors openness and community. Its enviable amenities, including a 21,000-square-foot weight area, a 237,000-gallon pool, a giant video wall, and "The Rock," a 32-foot climbing wall and 12.5-foot bouldering area, are sure to promote collegiality and healthy competition.