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How to Build Your Very Own Real Batmobile

In five easy steps!

Swedish car maker Caresto created this genuine Batmobile, based on blueprints from the ‘Arkham Knight’ video game, for Team Galag to use in the international celebrity motor rally Gumball 3000. And they went ahead and told everybody how they did it, so you can build your very own Batmobile at home! Here's how:

  1. Mill full scale molds from CAD drawings to create a carbon fiber body.
  2. Create fully independent front and rear suspensions with double wishbones connected to the coil over shock absorbers.
  3. Install a Lamborghini V10 engine. You can find one in a Lamborghini.
  4. Make really big wheels (make sure they are much bigger than normal wheels).
  5. Cover the interior in black leather.
  6. Voila! You've got a Batmobile!

caresto dismantles lamborghini to make drivable batmobile for gumball 3000 [design boom]