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Iconic Midcentury Chair by Danish Designer Just Relaunched

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Get your hands on a Finn Juhl classic

Is there a better form for showing off midcentury design than the humble chair? We think not, which is why this reissue of midcentury master Finn Juhl's iconic France chair is so exciting.

Denmark-based furniture manufacturer Onecollection relaunched the FJ 136, which was originally produced by France & Son in 1956 for the American market. Because the chair was designed for industrial production, it features simpler lines than Juhl's other models but still retains the organic sloping that characterizes midcentury Danish design. The backrest and seat are separate elements that appear to be floating above its wooden frame, giving the piece an air of aerodynamic sensibility.

British entrepreneur C.W.F. France started the furniture company France & Son in the 1950s in Denmark, which played a significant role in proliferating Danish midcentury furniture all over the world. At its peak, France & Son retained a 60 percent market share of the total Danish furniture export, no doubt a result of its introduction of flat-packed shipping. But France & Son's most important contribution is its relationship with the period's most renowned designers, including Finn Juhl. The FJ 136, now renamed the France chair, is available in beech, oak, or black-stained wood, and in leather and fabric upholstery.