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Kitchen Remodel Wish List: Which Features Do You Covet Most?

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One can dream



Earlier this week, Curbed ran a Twitter poll asking folks which part of the house they'd rather renovate. The winner? The kitchen, by a landslide.

That's not exactly surprising, is it? Kitchens, after all, are often where families end up gathering whether there's food involved or not, often turning into makeshift family rooms, work areas, and more. It's a really important space, so some extra design love is definitely warranted.

While we've already explored what people don't want in their kitchens (Open shelving! Chalkboard walls! Glass-tile backsplashes!), now it's time—especially in the spirit of Renovation Week—to discuss what you do want.

To start things off, here are a few remodel ideas that may or may not draw the ire of some, but could really add value to a kitchen, aesthetically or otherwise.

Ah, the subway tile. Yes, it's oh-so-trendy right now, but a lot of readers seem to agree that it's simple and subdued—a classic. The better case for subway tile? It apparently helps sell a house faster and for more money.

Minimalist and statement-making at the same time, matte black cabinetry (plus matching appliances) can instantly give a kitchen a more luxe look. Real talk though, red is pretty snazzy, too, or a high-contrast black-and-white scheme...anything to break the all-white spell!

While breakfast nooks are definitely due for a comeback, they're not always possible given space constraints. But even the tiniest alcove can make a huge difference, as evidenced in this renovated kitchen in a Brooklyn brownstone. The bay window seat adds another dimension to the kitchen and brings in light and garden views.

So you digging these ideas? What's on your kitchen remodel wish list? Sound off in the poll and comment section below.