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5 Design Blogs Every Renovation Obsessive Should Know

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Read 'em and weep (with envy)

Morgan Satterfield, who chronicles renovation progress on her home in Hemet, California (outside Palm Springs), is an expert DIY-er, and cooked up this fantastic landscaping scheme.
Photo by Morgan Satterfeld via The Brick House


Renovation Week at Curbed has brought us tales of under-appreciated and unloved residences given new leases on life, stories of parks given their viridescence and vibrancy back, and a peek at what's on offer if you have enough coins your coffers to strike out and buy a fixer-upper of your own.

And though today marks the last day of this week of fun, it's by no means the end of our love affair with renovations—and the folks who make them happen.

Here, now, five fantastic blogs to check out to get your renovation fix. And, you can expect plenty more renovation coverage from the editors here at Curbed long after this week is done.

1. Door Sixteen

Graphic designer, blogger, and enviably talented renovator and redecorator Anna Dorfman is fairly well known on the renovation blog circuit: She started Door Sixteen in 2006, naming it for the number of her home in Newburgh, New York, north of Manhattan.

She's since sold the house she so arduously revamped and left Newburgh for the more arid climes of New Mexico. It looks like there will be lots of reno adventures to come.

2. Manhattan Nest

the light was nice today ☀️

A photo posted by Daniel Kanter (@danielkanter) on

Written by serial renovator Daniel Kanter, don't let Manhattan Nest's name (a relic of its origins in 2010 as a blog tracking progress in Kanter's—you guessed it—Manhattan nest) fool you.

Today, Kanter lives in New York's Hudson Valley, in the small town of Kingston, and the blog tracks his progress sensitively updating a circa-1865 house. Check it out.

3. The Wood House

Sun drenched Wood House weekends...finally. Happy Friday! ☀️

A photo posted by Carla Maher (@the_wood_house) on

Okay, so this is an Instagram account and not a blog, per se. But The Wood House, run by homeowner Carla Maher, showcases her gorgeous home and lets 'grammers follow along as she "restores a 1950s ranch in the woods." It's become one of our favorites.

4. House of Brinson

Loving it staying late later. #springfever #stonyfordestate #ckstyleaccordingly

A photo posted by House Of Brinson (@houseofbrinson) on

Photographers Susan and William Brinson are revamping Stony Ford, their Hudson Valley, New York home (the area's really teeming with renovators, huh?) and you can glimpse progress on their website and also on their Instagram feed.

5. The Brick House

Photo by Morgan Sattefeld via The Brick House

And last, but not least, self-proclaimed "designer, desert dweller," and "vintage hoarder" Morgan Satterfield has long run this blog about the low-slung brick house that gives the site its name (not to be confused with the Wood House, above). While Satterfield stopped posting in the middle of 2015, the archives are ripe with inspiring tips and photos. From her home, in Hemet, California (near Palm Springs), Satterfield has written about the process of DIY-ing lighting, furnishings, fixtures, finishes, and more. She's also snagged some very stylish finds from Craigslist and other bargain sources.

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