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Turns Out the World Was Super Ready For the 'Keurig of Tortillas'

The product has destroyed its Kickstarter goal

When Flatev, the Keurig for tortillas (i.e. a machine that makes tortillas from pods), debuted on the internet, we may have made fun of it a little bit, declaring it an invention that "no one was asking for" and highlighting some of the sillier quotes from its promotional video such as: "We believe we will change the world."

Well, boy do we have huevos rancheros on our face (side note: is it time for someone to invent the Keurig for huevos rancheros?) now. Flatev has, with 26 days to go in its 30-day Kickstarter campaign, raised $104,430, more than double its $50,000 goal. Turns out everybody wanted a Keurig for tortillas.

Who knew?

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