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6 Stellar Renovation Stories from Curbed Readers

Here are the best renovation stories from our community

Anthony Golston's Home Makeover
Anthony Golston's Home Makeover


Citizens of Curbediverse, thank you for joining us for Renovation Week and contributing your stories. As this theme week comes to a close, we'd like to to do a final send off with some of the best stories from our readers. Without further ado, let's begin.

Varun Seth from Houghton, South Africa, converted this small family home into a bachelor pad.

Look at the wood paneling in jjcarr's renovation!

Check out Anthony Golston's impressive home makeover.

One night Carly & Brad—both architects by trade—brought AutoCAD printouts, a roll of trace paper, and pens to their neighborhood bar and sketched out their dream renovation.

Here's the rest of their story:

We reconfigured the entry [of the kitchen], opened up 2 walls and replaced the whole kitchen, which included relocating the stove. We had the floors refinished and also did a bathroom and a lower level not pictured. My favorite salvage from the before is the existing drapes! The 3-sided built-in [bookcase] was the crown jewel of the project for us. We designed it together and had it built. It adds the character the space needs and the storage for function in a small city home. It’s currently filled with books and booze. It was the most stressful project we’ve completed together, but also hands down the most rewarding. I am still a little giddy every time I wake up and come downstairs to the space we created together. And now I have just enough distance from it to want to do another one.

E.G. Fishburne ran into contractor issues when reimagining his Chicago loft, but that didn't stop him from achieving his dream renovation.

Chad Carlson restored his Westview, Atlanta home, originally built in the 1920s.

Here's the rest of his story:

The house was built in 1926. I am into authenticity, so I took the less-is-more approach. Luckily the house had not been mucked up with an altered floorplan and painted brick and interior wood work. I put about $40K into it, and with the exception of electrical and plumbing, did the work myself with help on stripping and painting from my dad.

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their photos and stories with us! If you've renovated recently and would like to share your photos with us, post them on Instagram with #Curbed, put your story in the comment section below, or send an email to

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