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5 Eco-Friendly Prefab Homes You Can Order Right Now

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Modern green living

The Zūm model by Unity Homes
Photo via Unity Homes

One of the major benefits of prefab homes is efficiency. This starts with the basic premise of on-site assembly with precise factory-made elements, which is often completed in a matter of days and eliminates lots of potential for waste. And then there are sexier sustainability concepts like passive design, Net Zero Energy, and green roofs, many of which are readily employed in modern prefab homes as well. Just take a look at these five models.

Note: pricing info listed below does not include extra costs such as those associated with land, permits, and transport. Know any other great green prefab options? Feel free to share in the comments.

Name: Big Box by Bert & May

Size: 525 square feet (1 bed, 1 bath—two-bedroom option available)

Cost: Starts from £150,000 (~ $216,500—The firm is based in London but is open to U.S. requests)

Key features: Handmade encaustic tiles and kitchen system by Bert & May, underfloor heating, smart device-controlled entertainment, lighting, and heating, industrial lighting fixtures, ceiling speakers, Nest thermostat

Eco-friendly cred: Reclaimed wood exterior and flooring, green roof planted with wild flowers, basic 2 kWp solar PV system that can supply 25 percent of energy needs or upgraded 3.8 kWp system with that can supply 50 percent of energy needs and includes a battery for night use

Name: Ridgeline by Deltec

Size: 1,536-1,604 square feet (3 bed, 2 bath)

Cost: $215,000-$335,000 (turnkey)

Key features: Vaulted ceilings, clerestory windows, side entry porches, energy modeling,

Eco-friendly cred: Passive solar layout designed to use two-thirds less energy than regular homes, solar hot water and solar electric kits, net zero capability

Name: Cabana "Tiny Home" by Blu Homes

Size: 631 square feet (1-2 beds, 1 bath)

Cost: Starting from $265,000

Key features: Modular design, glass NanaWall, zoned heating and cooling, motion sense faucets, GREENGUARD certified products

Green features: Recycled steel reinforced framing, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, water efficient fixtures, low VOC materials, net zero capability

Name: Zūm by Unity Homes

Size: 1,000-1,700 square feet (1-4 beds, 1-2 baths)

Cost: $240,000 (base price)

Key features: Wood construction, modern style, vaulted ceilings, large windows, optional porch and deck, assembles in less than three days

Eco-friendly cred: Layout that maximizes natural light and solar gain, triple-glazed windows, low-emission windows, insulation made from recycled newspaper stock, net-zero capability

Name: H02 by Honomobo

Size: 352 square feet (studio, bath)

Cost: Starts at $78,646

Key features: Shipping container-based structure, stackable design, glass walls

Eco-friendly cred: Solar PV option with net zero capability, air source heat pump and air source hot water tank option, thermal insulation upgrade available