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Imagine If Basketball Players Sat in These Goofy Chairs During the Game

They could give athletes a big advantage, and also make them look pretty funny

Architect Greg Lynn developed this "microclimate chair" for Nike and showed it off at Milan 2016. The chair is embedded with electronics that could heat or cool an athlete's different body parts at the same time, theoretically giving them a tangible performance advantage, and Lynn describes all of this very rationally in a short video (below). "For certain sports, basketball in particular, where you go in and out and you're out of the game for very short amounts of time it's advantageous to build a little microclimate around the player," Lynn says. That all sounds like it makes a lot of sense. That said, imagine LeBron and Kevin Love and J.R. Smith sitting around in these chairs during a timeout, each guy with his own little carbon fiber throne. It's impossible for that not to be funny.

Greg Lynn's microclimate chair for Nike could give athletes "a distinct performance advantage" [Dezeen]