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This Guitar Looks Like Wood, Is Not Wood

It's lighter and more durable than a normal guitar, and it's made from industrial waste

This six-string acoustic guitar from Blackbird Guitars is something of a design marvel—it is (apparently) more durable, resilient, lighter, and ecologically sustainable to produce than a standard acoustic guitar, and to the naked eye it is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. Developed by Blackbird's founder, guitarist Joe Luttwak, "El Capitan" is made out of Ekoa "composite of flax linen and bio-resin made from industrial waste" developed by the company. Each one is handmade, which goes towards explaining why they don't come cheap, costing $3,000 apiece.

$3,000 Guitar Made of ‘Solid Linen’ Looks and Plays Like Wood [Wired]