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Apartment's Gorgeous Historic Tiles Uncovered in Revamp

It's lovely and light-filled

Add this to the list of covetable Barcelona apartment renovations we've seen in the last few weeks: Local architecture studio Narch removed interior walls at this early-20th century flat in the city's Eixample district, adding new, translucent-glass partitions.

The 65-square-meter (just under 700 square feet), two-bedroom apartment includes an open-plan living and dining room, galley kitchen, and bathroom. Perhaps the most eye-catching element of the apartment are its encaustic-tile floors, which once demarcated the floor areas of individual rooms. Today, following the renovation, the tiles are no longer sequestered, and are instead visible from space to space, adding pizzazz to the whitewashed rooms.

It's not the first time we've come across a Barcelona apartment working similar magic with tiles. Hankering for more? You're in luck.

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