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Boob Decor Is a Real Thing

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If you're not designing with boobs, you're behind the times

Artist Nicole Nadeau created these hexagonal breast tiles using one of her own breasts as a model. And while tiles shaped like boobs might seem pretty out there, Nadeau is far from the first to incorporate mammaries in decor—boob decor is a real thing, and it's growing realer by the day. As Dezeen points out, you've got these nipple light switches, the "Tit" lamp, and that's not to mention all the boob ceramics, boob prints, and boob pillows. And other boob pillows.

Boob decor is here to stay. Better get with it now, because this train is pulling out of the station.

Nadeau's breast tile installation was recently on show at Collective Design Fair 2016 in New York City.

Nicole Nadeau's nipple tiles are moulded from her own breast [Dezeen]