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Smart Home, Simplified: Apple May Introduce Single App to Control Multiple Devices

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The new HomeKit app could roll out in iOS 10

When it comes to the dream of achieving a truly connected home, one that can be controlled with a single graceful gesture on a smartphone's touchscreen, enthusiasm for the dream has been its enemy: The market is flooded with services that users can only access with proprietary iOS and Android apps.

But, rumor has it that tech powerhouse Apple—which debuted HomeKit on iOS 9 to help provide a way for discrete smart lock, lighting, HVAC, and sensor systems' apps to communicate—will be upgrading you when iOS 10 comes around. Apple is said to be considering offering a single new app that eliminates switching the dreaded toggling among apps, instead allowing users to be the masters of their domains from a single one.

Could this be what the home tech world needs to catch fire with the average homeowner or renter? Time will tell. We've reached out to Apple for comment and will update this post when we hear back.