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Minimalist Marfa House Asks $950K After Impressive Renovation

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Lots of white ahead

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Location: Marfa, Texas

Price: $950,000

Originally established as a water stop in the high desert of far West Texas, the 1.6-square-mile town of Marfa transformed into an art hub in the '70s and '80s, primarily thanks to minimalist artist Donald Judd, who led the pack in creating many works there. This circa-1905 house, newly on the market for $950,000, is a rad nod to that history, with the simple grey adobe structure hiding drastically spare interiors.

As detailed in a 2006 New York Times profile, the now 2188-square-foot home was thoroughly transformed by interior designer and former gallerist Barbara Hill. After purchasing the property in 2003, Hill began a painstaking renovation that began with tearing down a bunch of partitions to create bright open spaces and continued to covering interior walls with white plaster, adding white concrete counters in the kitchen and bath, white wood floors, and then some. There are two bedrooms in the house, and the property also comes with a patio, built-in outdoor entertaining area, and desert landscaping.