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Floating Houseplants Might Be a Thing Now

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We may as well all get one now before we're forced into it by peer pressure

As the old expression goes, "One floating plant product might be an anomaly, but two floating plant products signifies the possible beginning of a trend." (We might be paraphrasing that old expression.) Where once there was only the Air Bonsai, there now exists a second floating plant that hangs suspended in the air by magnetic force. This one is called LYFE, and like the Air Bonsai, it has also set an $80,000 Kickstarter goal. (Unlike the Air Bonsai, it is nowhere close to achieving it yet, but it's still early going.) You might as well go ahead and get one since in a few years you'll have to buy into the whole floating plant thing anyway just to fit in.

Now Your Houseplants Can Hover in the Air Like Drones [Slate]