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These Whimsical Architectural Illustrations Are Oddly Mesmerizing


The illustrations shown here aren't absurdly detailed or cleverly animated, but they sure are fun to look at nonetheless. Could it be that the ones with overlapping platforms and endless staircases remind us a bit of the blockbuster game Monument Valley? Could it be that the whimsical images were actually made in AutoCad, an industry software staple more commonly used for drawing up plans of realistic kitchens, bathrooms, and elevator shafts?

Whatever it is, we're loving these illustrations from Fabiola Morcillo Núñez, a 26-year-old Chile-based architect who's been creating these pieces under the name "1989" for the last year and a half. Núñez, who draws inspiration from Eastern culture and pop art, recently contributed cover art for a new cassette tape album called "Metabolism." Fittingly, the piece (featured above) highlights Tokyo's Nakagin Capsule Tower, an icon of the Japanese Metabolism architectural movement. Head to ArchDaily for the full story and more illustrations.