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Yachts Can Provide a Blueprint for Smart Home Technology

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All aboard the vessels that may have lessons for today's home tech designers

Because yachts may spend weeks at sea in all kinds of turbulent weather, these live-aboard boats are outfitted with durable, self-sustaining energy technology—and have been for years. Occupying the intersection of functionality and homey comfort, such vessels may offer insights into the future design of smart home infrastructure.

"The systems architecture that has been built into boats for 50 years is indeed the smart home of the future," writes energy entrepreneur Zach Lyman in Green Tech Media. His article explores how the challenging environments yachts must endure has led to unique technology, and a blueprint for current tech innovation.

Imagine your house with the typical energy tools of a custom yacht—it’d have an electricity-producing engine, a back-up generator, solar panels, wind and water turbines, and a small room filled with battery banks. At the flip of a switch, you could change from running on AC power to DC in order to optimize running off your different energy sources.

Your home would have a sophisticated monitoring system to give you a real-time view of your energy consumption and make it as efficient as possible. Oh, and you can also plug directly into the energy grid—as both a consumer or producer of electricity.

Technologically tricked-out down to the last detail, these custom yachts are already miles ahead in the world of smart home design.

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