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Converted Gothic-Style Chapel Home in England Asks $466K

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It’s very live-work-friendly

Location: Faversham, Kent, England

Price: £325,000 (~$466,086)

From the posh to the cozy, former churches can have fantastic second lives as homes. Over in Faversham, a historic maritime market down in Southeast England, there’s a charming chapel dwelling that looks like someone simply moved a bunch of their things in and called it home—and it works.

Known as the "tin church" to locals, this is a late-1800s prefabricated structure comprising a softwood frame and corrugated iron cladding. Deconsecrated in 1952, it has since then been taken over by English designer Nick Kenny, who specializes in building unusual kitchens and bathrooms from reclaimed materials. His handiwork is on full display in this home, where charming features like gothic-style arched windows, tongue and groove pine boarding, and a spiral staircase (originally a fire escape) play backdrop to Kenny's impressive collection of "found" fixtures and bespoke furnishings.

Just don't be counting bedrooms. One is tucked into a mezzanine, and there’s also a small green bathroom that matches the building's exterior. But the most striking spaces are the full-height live-work space (formerly a community hall) and kitchen/dining area, both surrounded by arched windows, plus the hidden sitting area with the darling circular window. Take a look around.