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Weathered Steel-Clad Cabin Joins Bucolic Compound in Canada

It’s called the Enough House and it’s lovely

Rising two stories on a sprawling compound—called Shobac—belong to architect Brian MacKay-Lyons, cofounder of Halifax, Nova Scotia-based MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, the Enough House, as it’s known, is a simple gabled, CorTen-clad dwelling residence, and it’s lovely.

Joining a site that already includes four (rentable!) two-story, shingled cottages, the minimalist residence—a prototype of sorts for MacKay-Lyons, like other structures on the site—echoes the proportions of an adjacent schoolhouse. And clocking in at just 65 square meters (just under 700 square feet), it packs a punch in a pretty tight footprint, including a living area with wood-burning stove and upper-level sleeping loft. The interiors are marked by an exposed Douglas Fir-plywood frame, lending the whole thing a rustic, if sleek, air.

According to a Dezeen interview with MacKay-Lyons, the Enough House was built to accommodate an architectural intern for nine months of the year, but can also be rented in the summer and sleeps seven. Read more over on Dezeen.