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46 household things you can do with a muffin tin

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Wait, is 46 too many? We might have made a huge mistake

How often do you make muffins? Twice a year? Chances are your muffin tins are not getting the love they truly deserve, especially for such a surprisingly versatile household item. It turns out there’s a lot more you can do with muffins tins than just baking. Let’s get started!

1. Use one to organize your junk drawer

Those muffin pockets are the perfect little compartments for all your rubber bands, paper clips, etc. And the flatness of the tin makes it an easy fit in any drawer. Fun!

2. Make them into candle holders

This is as easy as just putting a bunch of candles into the tin, simultaneously allowing you to light a bunch of candles at once and protecting your tables and floors from dripping wax.

3. Use one to organize your jewelry

This is pretty similar to using one to organize your junk drawer, but it's jewelry, so it’s different. Why did we promise 46 of these? This is going to be really hard.

4. Uh...hang one on your wall?

Technically, a muffin tin could be a perfectly good wall decoration. Maybe your home has kind of a rustic kitchen theme already? Or it doesn’t and the muffin could be a good conversation starter? What have we gotten ourselves into?

5. Bake muffins

We know we said that "there’s a lot more you can do with muffins tins than just baking," but that doesn't technically exclude baking. This still counts as one.

6. Use one as a doorstop

Sure, why not? If you angle that muffin tin just right and really jam it in there, we’re sure it could be a perfectly functional doorstop.

7. Make one into a paperweight

We know that most people don’t just have stacks of loose paper lying around anymore, but just bear with us. Here’s what you do: take a muffin tin, fill the pockets with sand or something heavy, and—voila—you got a paperweight.

8. Oh! Oh! Use one as a paint palette

This is actually a good one! You could fill the tins with different paint colors while you’re doing arts and crafts, and there are enough compartments that you could even use it to experiment with mixing colors! That’s a solid tip. Okay, only...38 of these to go. Jesus.

9. Use one to catch water if you have a leak

Is this is the best tool for catching water from a leak? No, of course not. It’s going to overflow almost immediately. You should definitely be using a bucket in this situation. But it’s technically a thing you can do with a muffin tin, if you so choose. Let’s just keep going.

10. Use one to prop up the leg of a wobbly table

No need to spend too much time on this one.

11. Make giant ice cubes

This isn't really like cooking. It’s certainly not baking. We’ll take it.

12. Turn one into a drink tray

This is actually a great idea that just occurred to us, but it gives up no pleasure, knowing as we do that it is probably the final good muffin tin-related tray idea we will ever have, and that we have committed to another 34 of these. It is honestly a little mean of you to continue reading after this point.

13. Make a muffin tin-fly swatter

This is self-explanatory. You could attach a handle to the muffin tin, or you could just hold it and swing it at flies.

14. Convince a child that it is a toy

Children will believe nearly anything. If you tell a kid that a muffin tin is a toy, there’s a decent chance that he will believe you, and then, boom, muffin tin toy.

15. Cut it into pieces and turn it into abstract art

Anything can be art, muffin tins included. Look, we don’t want to be doing this any more than you want to be reading it.

16. Do...muffin tin...water...fence...

For this one, we thought we were going to just make it up as we went along and it really did not go well. Whatever.

17. Use it to organize stamps

Look, we're not escaping this list with any pride in tact. Might as well just go back to the old "use it to organize stuff" well. Maybe you’ve got a lot of stamps that need organizing? Bingo.

18. Use it to organize coins

In fact, no reason not to just do a whole run of "use it to organize" ones. Here we go, let’s plow through these.

19. Use it to organize soaps

20. Use it to organize crayons

21. Use it to organize matchbooks

22. Use it to organize dress socks

23. Use it to organize nail clippers

24. Use it to organize hair clips

25. Use it to organize newspaper clippings

26. Use it to organize loose feathers

27. Use it to organize golf tees

28. Use it to organize keychains

29. Use it to organize earbuds

30. Use it to organize soda caps that you don't want to throw away for sentimental reasons

31. Use it to organize bits of scrap wood

32. Use it to organize..........ah, crap

We can’t think of anything else. Not only are we out of things that you can do with a muffin tin, we have somehow exhausted our knowledge of small, organizable household items. Oh, this is just the worst.

33. Sit on one

Like a chair? Or a very short stool? We don’t know.

34. Use one to prop open a window

Is there a decent chance that you would ruin your muffin tin in the process? Yes, but at this point that doesn’t sound like such a terrible idea.

35. Learn how to juggle muffin tins

Hey, why not?

36. Invent a game that involves flipping quarters into muffin tins


37. Turn one into a planter—wait, a minute, that’s GOOD!

Ooooh! You didn’t think we had it in us to come up with another legitimate use for a muffin tin, did you! Well, you had another thing coming! We’re back, baby!

38. Take one and...paint it...white

Okay, we may have spoken too soon about being back.

39. Melt one down into its base metal, just to see what happens

Actually this will almost certainly release some kind of toxic fumes. Don’t do this.

40. Put one in the bathtub

We don't know why. You think of the reason.

41. Take one and bash yourself over the head with it for promising a list of 46 household things you can do with a muffin tin

What were you thinking? You could have promised any number! You’ve done this to yourself!

42. Put one under your couch for good luck

It is not impossible that in some culture somewhere, putting a muffin tin under your couch is supposed to bring you good luck. Let’s just pretend that’s a thing

43. Throw one out the window

Coming down the home stretch here. Just a little more to go. We can do this.

44. Wrap one in duct tape

Don’t think, don’t question it, just keep going.

45. Write your name on one in sharpie.

Good, good, this is fine.

46. Bake cupcakes

Oh, yeah, these are different than muffins.