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5 Tiny Houses We Loved This Week: From the Whimsical to the Bookworm-Friendly

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Several are for rent

Another week, another fresh crop of tiny house news. Here, we catch you up on the standout projects you should know.

This 250-square-foot home seems to embody the idea of "living large in a tiny house." Built by Tumbleweed—it’s the Cypress model—the home more specifically looks like a reader/writer’s dream! Check out that bright workspace at the front of the house, the near full-height built-in bookshelf, and the cozy sofa for curling up on. Intrigued? The owners are documenting their experience on Instagram at @AppalachianTiny.

A departure from the usual boxy or gabled tiny house on wheels, the latest project completed by Olympia, WA-based builder Zyl Vardos loads up on curves and arches. Moon Dragon, as it's whimsically named, is full of equally fanciful features: rounded split windows, a Dutch-style door, curved skylight, not to mention a real bedroom with a 5.5-foot high ceiling and double closets.

Clearly a popular model, the Tumbleweed Cypress makes a second appearance on our roundup this week with Zoe, a 196-square-foot tiny house that's part of Mount Hood Tiny House Village, a new tiny house resort just outside of Portland, Oregon. What we love about this project is the earnest attempt at tiny interior design, with coordinated curtains, linens, and a glam little sofa bench perfectly wedged into a nook at the front of the house.

Hailing from Damascus, Virginia, this is a 200-square-foot tiny house with a dreamy private yard. You see, tiny houses can perfectly sport magical outdoor string lights like the rest of them. Plus, it’s for rent at $125 a night.

Speaking of things for rent, we found out that Getaway, the startup offering tiny house—a.k.a. modern cabin—rentals in the woods, is officially launching in the New York area this month. The first guests arrive next week. Pictured here is the Lorraine model, part of the initial Boston-area launch. An updated version in New York is the Eleanor. The rate starts at $99 a night.